The Moral of the Story: Traditional African Folktales Teach Positive Modern values.

The Moral of the Story: Traditional African Folktales Teach Positive Modern values.

AUSTENITE Debo was born in Nigeria and grew up on an oral tradition of African folk stories focused on simple themes of nature and animals. After finishing high school in Lagos, Nigeria, he went to Texas and got a degree from UT in theatre and communications. He managed an African imports store and put together and put his throaty, silken voice and lilting Nigerian accent to work doing commercial voice-over work. As the devoted dad of two kids, he employed his theatre background every night at bedtime, sharing the traditional folk tales of his African upbringing with his children, pouring on the sound effects and even using traditional native instruments to create the full effect. That’s when it struck him that if his children enjoyed the storytelling so much, maybe children everywhere would like the simple timeless tales.


Adejobi drew at a recent series of performances at Austin’s Scottish Rite Children’s Theartre, his brand of traditional storytelling with a world music beat is exactly what families are looking for.


The positive and interesting instruments that are part of Adejobi’s folk tales are a natural for an up and close classroom experience. In his interactive classroom presentations, kids get to hear the stories, ask questions about African culture, sing along, role play and experiment with the traditional instruments heard on the CD.

His program help introduce kids to multicultural story and literature, and is a  great way to spark creativity and celebrate diversity.


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