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  • While Nigeria has seemingly stepped up in her waste management efforts, a simple look around shows that there is still much to be done. This has led to a crop of startups specifically geared towards innovative ways to rid Nigerian streets of unnecessary waste materials that threaten our health and well-being.   One such startup...

  • Both the Yorubas and the Igbo stereotype one another. To the Igbo, the Yorubas are the “ngbati ngbati” “ofemmanu” who eat too much oil. They are masters of duplicity and deception; saying one thing while meaning another. To the Yorubas, the Igbo are clannish and money-minded. They are Shylock traders who specialize in selling counterfeit goods.

  • Of course, an additional benefit of picking a project you’re passionate about is that, like wine, you get better, over time. If we go back to FourSquare example, Dennis Crowley pretty much spent his whole life solving this one problem he was passionate about — how to find his friends. He co-founded Dodgeball and sold it off to Google (who unsurprisingly killed it), before co-founding FourSquare. They’re both location based startups. An example closer to home might be said to be Ezra, who previously co-founded Eyowo and is now a co-founder of PayStack, both payment startups.

  • Nigerian unity is constantly tested and measured on such scales as equity in the spread and weight of appointments; governance objectivity; social, cultural and political identification; covert and overt political signalling. You want unity, you bridge and heal divisions not deepen and aggravate them. You listen and respect public opinion, not dismiss and waved it away.

  • The first reality check is to accept that no leader can do it all. No leader has the monopoly of wisdom and nobody should try to pin that on any of our leaders and seek to transform them into what they are not. Once we understand that the President is not a magician or sorcerer, we can begin to appreciate his limitations and not be overly expectant of miracles.

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